At Japfa, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that everyone gets access to the goodness of health and nutrition, this is reflected in every thought, action and belief at Japfa which provides us with our guiding philosophy ‘Make Good. Always’.

One Grand Parent Farm in Maharashtra.
Our Parent Farm in Maharashtra.
Our 2 Central hatcheries, one in Maharashtra & other in Telangana.
We have over 1000 contract farms located across India.
Our Animal Health Lab is located in Maharashtra.
We have 6 Feed Mills located 1 each in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar & Chhattisgarh & 2 in West Bengal.

Business Overview

GRAND PARENT FARM: Our Grand Parent Farm located in Maharashtra is a JV with Aviagen – World’s Leading Poultry Breeding Company.

PARENT FARM: Our state of the art Parent Farms have best in class Bio security and is built as per global standards.

HATCHERY: Strict Processes ensure only finest quality DOC’s are produced at our state of the art hatcheries adhering to global standards.

CONTRACT FARMING: Over 1000 partner farmers provided with global technological support for both open and closed houses, PAN India.

FEED MILL: Japfa is the leading commercial Poultry Feed company in India comprising 6 Feed Mills with advanced technology.


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Best practices in Animal Welfare

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Stringent Biosecurity

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Innovative Technology Adoption

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Thorough Vaccination of DOC’s

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Farmer Training Program

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Global Technological Support

Poultry & integration

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Precise Nutrition

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Breed Specific Solutions

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State of the art Feed Milling Technology

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Stringent Raw Material Sourcing

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Consistent Quality

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24x7 Customer Service






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