Poultry & Integration

Fewer man-hours to produce more chickens, due to improved technology and larger flock sizes.

A reduction in the amount of feed required to produce a pound of broiler meat, due to continual discoveries in genetics and nutrition.

A reduced growing period to produce a market broiler chicken, meaning reduced space, labour, equipment and a much smaller environmental impact.

Better health programs for the welfare of birds.

The integration of poultry offered by Japfa offers to maintain biosecurity measures, vaccination programs and testing for bacteria such as Salmonella at breeder farms and hatcheries.


Precise Nutrition

Breed Specific Solutions

State of the art Feed Milling Technology

Stringent Raw Material Sourcing

Consistent Quality

24x7 Customer Service

The nutrition provided to a chicken over its growing duration determines its health, weight and quality. We focus on Silo systems at each feed mill by stocking corn with right moisture and proper aeration. Each grain is dosed with a mould inhibitor and each grain is cleaned with dust collectors before entering the processing. Automated feed mill units have factors that contribute for good pelleting quality with fine grinding for proper penetration of steam/gelatinization aided by conditioning through DDC.

Japfa is known for the best quality feed in the market, under the Broiler, Layer, Breeder Feed & Concentrate Feed categories. The reason behind best quality feed is the extensive amount of R&D put into the production of good quality and highest-grade feed. We are the pioneers who derived a standard for gauging the Quality of Feed based on the FCR.

Our Feed Brands are variants of Feed curated to provide the optimum combination of nutrients produced by state-of-the-art technology and aided by expert bioengineering in our endeavour to Make Good, Always.

  • Comfeed: The premium coarse nutritious crumble feed
  • Benfeed: The value starter nutritious crumble feed
  • Ultrafeed: The ultra-premium special breed specific nutrition feed.

Japfa has been a Pioneer not just in India but also globally, making innovation and research our backbone. Japfa is named the No.1 in China for milk yield and No.1 in Indonesia for producing fresh pasteurised milk, we are also the second highest Poultry Feed Producers in Indonesia with high Feed Capacity and Day Old Chick Production and third largest producers of Day Old Chicks in Vietnam.

Over the years, Japfa in India has achieved milestones in producing quality essential protein food to feed emerging India by providing value to its customers & stakeholders.

7 Feed Mills
1 GP Farm
1 Parent farm
2 Hatcheries
1 Animal Health Lab
1000+ Commercial farms